About Us

Building the database that powers today’s strongest applications.

OrientDB is an award-winning open source NoSQL multi-model database designed to support the applications that power today’s leading enterprises. The open source database project is managed by OrientDB Ltd., which was founded in 2011 to provide support for enterprise customers. In 2017, OrientDB Ltd. was acquired by CallidusCloud, the global leader in sales performance management.

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Each month, the fast-growing OrientDB project is downloaded more than

80,000 times

To date, the open source community that powers the project has more than

100 contributors

and thousands of production users.

OrientDB is used by Fortune 500 companies, government entities and startups that build innovative applications that need to be high-performing, scalable and secure. Clients include Ericsson, the United Nations, Pitney Bowes, Sky, CenturyLink and Sonatype.