Time to Migrate to a Multi-Model Database


As an avid enthusiast and follower of both cars and technology, I’m always amused by the coincidental parallels between both industries when it comes to the notion of innovation. Most business courses, and certainly of the ones I took, often point to Ford as the All-American story of innovation. When Ford introduced its infamous Model… View Full Post

Master Data Management – Five Things to Know


In the world of master data management, silos are a tremendous challenge. When enterprises try to process information from disparate systems, they too often use sub-optimal applications and initiatives laden with errors and misinformation, not to mention blown timelines and budgets. But master data management (MDM) is actually more than just the breaking down of… View Full Post

The 3 Reasons You Need a Multi-Model Graph Database


If you’re familiar with “the three Vs” of data (volume, variety, and velocity) then you’re also probably aware that all three Vs are increasing exponentially.  There’s more data out there than ever before. There are more types of data out there than ever before. And data is moving at faster speeds than ever before. And… View Full Post

ZDNet Article on Multi-Model Databases Almost Hits Bullseye


OrientDB helps to usher in a new era In case you missed it, I am very proud to announce a mention of OrientDB in the amazing and very widely read business technology news website, ZDNet, in an article titled, The new era of the Multi-Model Database. I was super excited to see at the very… View Full Post

Preparing to the next generation of Multi-Model storage engine with OrientDB v3.0


Dublin (CA, USA), December 14, 2017. After more than 1 year working to release a stable v3.0, we’re finally close to the 1st release candidate for v3.0. It’s just a matter of days. OrientDB v3.0 has many new cool features that will be described in the next days. Today I’d rather like to focus on… View Full Post

Interview with Waldeyr Silva about the 2Path Core Project (Terpenoid Metabolic Network)


London, October 2, 2017 Today Waldeyr Silva accepted to release a quick interview about his project and why he has chosen OrientDB. Luca: Hi Waldeyr, could you tell us a little about your project? Waldeyr: The 2path core is a terpenoid metabolic network modeled using a graph database (in this version: OrientDB). 2path also provides… View Full Post

CallidusCloud Acquires OrientDB, the Leading Multi-Model Database Technology


  DUBLIN, Calif., Sept. 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Callidus Software Inc. (NASDAQ:CALD), a global leader in cloud-based sales, marketing, learning, and customer experience solutions, announced today that it has acquired OrientDB Ltd., a leading provider of multi-model database technologies. OrientDB is the first multi-model, open source NoSQL database that combines support for graph, document, key-value, geo-spatial, object-oriented and reactive… View Full Post

OrientDB Community releases a new driver for Clojure


London, September 1, 2017 7-Bridges released the first Clojure driver for OrientDB on GitHub with Apache 2 License: The project is looking for contributors. If you’re a fan of Clojure and OrientDB, join the team now!

OrientDB May 2017 Latest News – Case studies, releases, partnerships and more


In case you missed some of the latest news and haven’t subscribed to our newsletter below, here’s a quick recap of this month’s news. Find out how OrientDB can help your startup company with our latest case study and how companies across the world are using graph technology to secure their systems. Stay up-to date with our… View Full Post

OrientDB Community Awards


OrientDB Community Awards   We value and appreciate the hard work put in by the world-wide OrientDB community. That’s why, as a small token of appreciation, we’ve started sending out some gadgets and rewards to our community members.     Code Contributors Saeed Tabrizi A special thank you to Saeed for his dedication to OrientDB. Among… View Full Post

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