9 July 2015

Our Take on NoSQL DBMS Benchmarks and the New OrientDB Performance Challenge

9 July 2015,

Vote on Hacker News A recent influx of vendor-sponsored NoSQL database benchmarks have been circulating and creating some buzz. Many have asked us to […]

3 July 2015

Released OrientDB 2.1-rc5

3 July 2015,

London, July 3, 2015 The OrientDB Team just released OrientDB 2.1-RC5 resolving 43 issues from 2.1-RC4. Please find the complete list of issues resolved. We suggest […]

1 July 2015

OrientDB 2.0.12 (hotfix)

1 July 2015,

London, July 1st, 2015 OrientDB 2.0.12 is out. This release contains some fix you could be interested on. If you’re using OrientDB 2.0.x, please […]

17 June 2015

Released OrientDB 2.1-rc4

17 June 2015,

London, June 17th 2015 After less then one month from the last RC3, the OrientDB Team released OrientDB 2.1-rc4. 45 total issues are resolved […]

16 June 2015

Welcome to OrientJS, the new Node.JS driver

16 June 2015,

London, June 16th 2015 We know the Node.js community around OrientDB is big and is growing fast every day. Unfortunately the original author of […]

25 May 2015

OrientDB 2.0.10 (hotfix) is out

25 May 2015,

London, May 25th, 2015 OrientDB 2.0.10 is out. This release contains an important security fix when run distributed. If you’re using OrientDB 2.0.x, please […]

20 May 2015

OrientDB Momentum Accelerates as Multi-Model Databases Become Mainstream

20 May 2015,

Customers are choosing OrientDB as their next-generation Operational Database London, UK (May 20, 2015) – Orient Technologies, the company behind OrientDB, the graph-document database […]

20 May 2015

BigStep Interview On Multi-Model DBs

20 May 2015,

Bigstep interviewed Luca Garulli, CEO of Orient technologies, as part of their Expert Interview program. Read the interview on BigStep web site.  

14 May 2015

Released OrientDB 2.0.9 (hotfix)

14 May 2015,

London, May 14th, 2015 OrientDB 2.0.9 is out. If you’re using OrientDB 2.0.x, please upgrade. This version is binary compatible with 2.0.x.     […]

5 May 2015

Released OrientDB 2.1 Second Release Candidate

5 May 2015,

London, May 5th 2015 After 3 weeks we released the second release candidate of OrientDB 2.1. Many fixes and better performance on traversing graphs […]