25 March 2014

Released OrientDB 1.7-rc2: new Query Timeline in Studio and 62 bug fixed

25 March 2014,

Orient Technologies has just released the second and last Release Candidate for OrientDB v1.7. To download OrientDB 1.7-rc2 goto: http://www.orientechnologies.com/download/ So what’s new? This […]

2 March 2014

Walk through the graph

2 March 2014,

The release of OrientDB 1.7-rc2 is very close. We’ve fixed many bugs, supported binary compatibility against older versions (up to v1.5) and we introduced […]

6 February 2014

Released OrientDB v1.7 rc1: new relationship engine, improved SQL and Graph API

6 February 2014,

Orient Technologies has just released OrientDB v1.7-rc1. This is the first Release Candidate of the version 1.7, other Release Candidate will follow in the […]

5 February 2014

OrientDB 1.7rc1 sneak peek on benchmarks

5 February 2014,

London, February 6th 2014   We are glad to announce the new engine to manage relationships in graph database. According to data loading benchmark it […]

31 January 2014

New OrientDB Graph Factory

31 January 2014,

TinkerPop Blueprints standard doesn’t define a proper “Factory” to get graph instances. For this reason OrientDB users that wanted to use a pool of […]

30 January 2014

New detach() and attach() methods on Graph API

30 January 2014,

When you work with Web Applications, it’s very common to query elements and render them to the user to let him to apply some […]

15 January 2014

Released OrientDB 1.6.4: hot-fix + merged Blueprints

15 January 2014,

London, January 16 2014 Orient Technologies has just released OrientDB 1.6.4 as hot-fix + the integration with Blueprints. Yes, starting from 1.6.4 the Blueprints […]

27 December 2013

Released OrientDB 1.6.3

27 December 2013,

London, December 27th, 2013 Christmas time doesn’t stop OrientDB Team to work on releasing the new version 1.6.3! This is the third hot-fix for v1.6.x. This […]

9 December 2013

Released OrientDB 1.6.2

9 December 2013,

London, December 9th, 2013Orient Technologies has released OrientDB v1.6.2. This is a hot-fix for v1.6.1 containing fixes for 22 issues. This is the Change Log. To download […]

21 November 2013

Released OrientDB v 1.6.1: bugs fixed and some improvements in performance

21 November 2013,

Orient Technologies has released OrientDB v1.6.1. This is a hot-fix for v1.6 so this email will be shorter than usual. To download it goto http://www.orientdb.org/download.htm. What’s new […]