15 December 2017

Preparing to the next generation of Multi-Model storage engine with OrientDB v3.0

15 December 2017,

Dublin (CA, USA), December 14, 2017. After more than 1 year working to release a stable v3.0, we’re finally close to the 1st release […]

9 July 2015

Our Take on NoSQL DBMS Benchmarks and the New OrientDB Performance Challenge

9 July 2015,

Vote on Hacker News A recent influx of vendor-sponsored NoSQL database benchmarks have been circulating and creating some buzz. Many have asked us to […]

5 February 2014

OrientDB 1.7rc1 sneak peek on benchmarks

5 February 2014,

London, February 6th 2014   We are glad to announce the new engine to manage relationships in graph database. According to data loading benchmark it […]

30 April 2013

XDGBench: 3rd party benchmark results against graph databases

30 April 2013,

London, April 30th 2013 Toyotaro Suzumura and Miyuru Dayarathna from the Department of Computer Science of the Tokyo Institute of Technology and IBM Research published an interesting […]