6 November 2015

OrientDB (more than) SQL

6 November 2015,

Author: Luigi Dell’Aquila  – @ldellaquila Do you know SQL? If you’re a software developer/DBA/DevOps, I’m pretty certain that I know your answer to that question. […]

21 September 2015

OrientDB Wins InfoWorld Bossie Award

21 September 2015,

OrientDB Wins InfoWorld Bossie Award InfoWorld recognizes OrientDB as one of the best open source infrastructure and management software platforms London, UK (Sept 21, […]

5 February 2014

OrientDB 1.7rc1 sneak peek on benchmarks

5 February 2014,

London, February 6th 2014   We are glad to announce the new engine to manage relationships in graph database. According to data loading benchmark it […]

31 January 2014

New OrientDB Graph Factory

31 January 2014,

TinkerPop Blueprints standard doesn’t define a proper “Factory” to get graph instances. For this reason OrientDB users that wanted to use a pool of […]

30 January 2014

New detach() and attach() methods on Graph API

30 January 2014,

When you work with Web Applications, it’s very common to query elements and render them to the user to let him to apply some […]

7 June 2013

Released OrientDB v1.4: new TinkerPop Blueprints API and many other features

7 June 2013,

London, June, 7th 2013 NuvolaBase is glad to announce the new release 1.4 of OrientDB: http://www.orientdb.org/download.htm! What’s new with 1.4? Graph: total rewrite of TinkerPop Blueprints API that now are the […]

30 April 2013

XDGBench: 3rd party benchmark results against graph databases

30 April 2013,

London, April 30th 2013 Toyotaro Suzumura and Miyuru Dayarathna from the Department of Computer Science of the Tokyo Institute of Technology and IBM Research published an interesting […]

4 April 2013

OrientDB: new GraphDB Engine in beta

4 April 2013,

London, April 4th 2013 After about one month spent on development and test the NuvolaBase team has released the new GraphDB Engine! The new […]

1 October 2012

OrientDB multitenancy with partitioned graphs

1 October 2012,

Introduction This tutorial explains step-by-step how to create partitioned graphs using the Record Level Security feature introduced in OrientDB 1.2.0. This feature is so powerful we […]