2 October 2017

Interview with Waldeyr Silva about the 2Path Core Project (Terpenoid Metabolic Network)

2 October 2017,

London, October 2, 2017 Today Waldeyr Silva accepted to release a quick interview about his project and why he has chosen OrientDB. Luca: Hi […]

14 July 2014

Why did you choose OrientDB? An Interview with Sysnet’s CTO

14 July 2014,

This week we interviewed Odysseas Pentakalos.   Luca: “Hi Odysseas, Can you tell us a little about your company and your role?” Odysseas: “Hi […]

26 June 2014

Interview with Kashif Masood

26 June 2014,

This is the first of many interviews with users regarding their usage of OrientDB. We asked to Kashif Masood, Technical Executive at Awal Technologies (http://awalinc.com), how […]