15 June 2016

Pattern matching with OrientDB

15 June 2016,

Author: Luigi Dell’Aquila  – @ldellaquila In one of my previous blog posts I wrote about how SQL can be used as a foundation for a richer query language, more powerful […]

8 February 2016

OrientDB v2.2 exposes storage performance metrics through JMX – By Andrey Lomakin

8 February 2016,

February 8, 2016 By Andrey Lomakin, Lead Research & Development Engineer at OrientDB In OrientDB v2.2 we’ve added tools which enable storage performance metrics to be gathered […]

6 November 2015

OrientDB (more than) SQL

6 November 2015,

Author: Luigi Dell’Aquila  – @ldellaquila Do you know SQL? If you’re a software developer/DBA/DevOps, I’m pretty certain that I know your answer to that question. […]