OrientDB provides consultancy for the OrientDB product. The OrientDB Team is certified and lead by Luca Garulli, author of OrientDB.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected] describing the kind of activity you’re interested in, a brief description of your use case, location and availability time-frame.

Developer Support

This support is used when your goal is to work with the OrientDB development team to go into production in a short time amount of time. With this support, instead of using the FREE Community, clients have direct access to the OrientDB Team through a private chat with 2h of SLA for the response time*. Furthermore, with Development Support, the client can open private issues and has access to the OrientDB Enterprise Edition.
You can purchase Developer Support online right now. Activation is guaranteed in maximum 2 hours*.

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Online & Onsite Consultancy

While Developer Support covers the day-by-day needs of developers, the activities of Design and Fine-Tuning require a deep understanding of your use case. For this reason, OrientDB provides Certified Consultants that can work side-by-side with your team. Online Consultancy is provided remotely and is the most flexible choice because each day can be split into 4 slots of 2h each. Furthermore, Online consultancy has no travel expenses and can usually be booked with a few days advance notice.

Ask for a Certified Consultants available for your project. In the quote, please specify the category of your domain (Telecommunication, Human Resources, Spatial, etc.) and, in case of Onsite consultancy, also the city where your office is based.

* 2 Hours Activation Guaranteed only with Online Payment considering during Business Days & Hours, GMT timezone.