17 September 2014
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17 September 2014,

London, September 18, 2014

The highly anticipated OrientDB 2.0-M1 (milestone 1) is now released! User feedback was the cornerstone in every decision we made building this version of OrientDB: impressive performance gains over 1.7.x, a streamlined and tweaked user experience and innovative new features. 

New Studio 2.0

We have created the most advanced visual tool in the entire NoSQL space. Studio has a new interface, better usability and new features like the Graph Editor.

In Studio, we have changed the game in terms of tooling in the NoSQL space! Be sure to experience the new interface, reworked usability and new features like the Graph Editor. And we’re just getting started!


Take a look at the Security Manager for easy management of Users, Roles and Permissions.



ETL (Extract Transform Load)

Importing a database into OrientDB has never been so easy! No more code. Use a JSON file and the OETL command tool to import data from a RDBMS, CSV or JSON source. Here’s an example for importing a Client table from MySQL into OrientDB:

  "config": {
    "verbose": true
  "extractor" : {
    "jdbc": { "driver": "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver",
              "url": "jdbc:mysql://localhost/mysqlcrm",
              "userName": "root",
              "userPassword": "",
              "query": "select * from Client" }
  "transformers" : [
   { "vertex": { "class": "Client"} }
  "loader" : {
    "orientdb": {
      "dbURL": "plocal:/temp/databases/orientdbcrm",
      "dbAutoCreate": true



We’ve already had many comments about our new documentation system. Clean, crisp and easy to navigate. We are focused on helping you become productive with OrientDB. Dig into our new documentation and be sure not to miss the Search function.



There is much more!

  • Studio: New Layout, new Graph Editor, new Security panel (Users and Roles management)
  • Security: Added configurable SSL keystore and truststore
  • Memory: In-Memory database uses off-heap cache
  • Graph API:
    • New OrientGraphAsynch: the first experimental version of asynchronous graph
    • New SQL MOVE VERTEX command to refactor a portion of graphs and to move vertices between distributed nodes
    • Improved OrientGraphFactory performance by reducing recycling time. Added central config of generated graphs in Factory
    • Creation of edges no longer updates both vertices resulting in improved performance
  • Console: Improved layout
  • Distributed: 3x performance gains
  • Core:
    • New Schema Driver Serialization: avoids writing field names for records with Schema
    • Added strategies to manage conflict: by content and auto-merge. Injection is now possible.
    • Custom strategy via Java API
    • New RWLocks to speedup internal parallelism
    • Disabled SNAPPY compression by default
    • Improved schema concurrency
    • Removed 2nd level cache
  • SQL:
    • New UUID() function to generate Unique IDs
    • New statistic functions: mode(), variance(), stddev(), median(), percentile()
    • New SQL MOVE VERTEX command to refactor portion of graphs and to move vertices between
    • Rewritten implementation of shortestPath() function
    • Improvement for “order by @rid desc” to browse results in the opposite direction without using an index or RAM.
  • Configuration: Global settings are copied in database at creation time and can be updated
  • Bug fixing: 20 from 1.7.9, hundreds from 1.7.

Full list of all 93 closed issues.


Can I use OrientDB v2.0-M1 in production?

This is not the final 2.0 version. This release is the first milestone (M1 stands for First Milestone) of 2.0 on the path to the final version at the end of the month. We suggest using OrientDB v2.0-M1 in development and test only. If you plan to go in production before October 1st, we suggest staying with OrientDB 1.7.x. Otherwise, go ahead and use OrientDB 2.0-M1.


Is 2.0-M1 compatible with previous versions?

You can open any database created with past versions. In order to use the new binary serialization, you have to export and re-import the database. Look at Migrate from 1.7.x.


Download OrientDB v 2.0-M1



Have fun with graphs & documents,

Luca Garulli
CEO of Orient Technologies
the Company behind OrientDB


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