29 September 2014
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29 September 2014,

London, September 29, 2014

After only 11 days, the new Second Milestone is available. We fixed many issues reported in M1 and we supported some new features we are sure you’ll appreciate: 40 issues in total. Please help us to test OrientDB 2.0-M2 so that we can release a stable final 2.0 in 10 days.

Summary of changes

  • Studio: Improved Graph Editor, fixed many bugs to improve UX
  • Server: On first run, it will prompt you for a root password. Blank means auto-generate (like before)
  • Core:
    • Added ODocument.fromMap() and ODocument.toMap()
    • Removed memory OWatchDog thread
    • Pool, new methods to get internal information
    • Merged in core commons and native-os modules
    • Auto configure of Off-Heap memory used by DiskCache
  • Graph API: new requireTransaction setting to check that the transaction has begun on graph changes
  • Distributed:
    • Supported asynchronous replication via API and Configuration
    • On first run, it will prompt you for a node name. Blank means auto-generate (like before)
    • Unified script and config with stand-alone server

Full list of all 40 closed issues.


Can I use OrientDB v2.0-M2 in production?

No. This is not the final 2.0 version. This release is the second milestone (M2 stands for Second Milestone) of 2.0 on the path to the final version in the next 10 days. We suggest using OrientDB v2.0-M2 in development and test only. If you plan to go in production before October 10th, we suggest staying with OrientDB 1.7.x. Otherwise, go ahead and use OrientDB 2.0-M2.


Is 2.0-M2 compatible with previous versions of OrientDB?

You can open any database created with past versions of OrientDB. In order to use the new binary serialization, you are required to export and re-import the database. For more information, take a look at Migrate from 1.7.x.

Download OrientDB v 2.0-M2

Have fun with graphs & documents,

Luca Garulli
CEO of Orient Technologies
the Company behind OrientDB


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