Enterprise Edition

OrientDB is FREE for any purpose (including commercial) and is released under the Apache2 License. The Enterprise Edition is commercial software developed by the same team that developed the OrientDB engine. It serves as an extension of the Community Edition by providing Enterprise features such as: Query Profiler, Distributed Clustering configuration, Metrics recording, and Live Monitor with configurable Alerts.


View server metrics to analyze your databases: how they are used and how performance can be improved. Workbench allows you to customize charts and show them as widgets on your dashboard.


distributed db config



Deploy databases against servers with one click and change distributed configuration and sharding while the cluster is running.



Setup your alerts when a server becomes unreachable or a metric breaks a configured threshold.


With the Workbench you have the full control of your database infrastructure in a centralized control panel.


Alerts against Events


To request a trial OrientDB Enterprise Edition license, please send an email to enquiries@orientdb.com.

Feature Matrix

Community Edition Enterprise Edition
License Open Source Apache2 License Commercial License
Embedded, Remote and In-Memory Storage yes yes
Studio Visual Tool and Console Tool yes yes
High Availability Replication, Sharing and Fail-over yes yes
Standards (SQL, Blueprints, Gremlin, Pipes, SparQL) yes yes
Metric Analysis (Monitor and tune your servers for maximum performance) no yes
Query Profiler (Locate 80% of the bottlenecks in your application) no yes
Configurable Alerts (Email alerts or executing HTTP requests) no yes
Quick Hot-fix and New Release Notifications no yes
Advanced Backups: Incremental Backup and Backup Scheduler (v2.2 only) no yes
Advanced Security: Auditing and Kerberos Plugin (v2.2 only) no yes
24×7 Production Support no yes
Price Development & Production (FREE):
Development (FREE):
Production (Commercial):
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