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Graph Databases are cool, but they’re not enough. Leverage the power of a Graph Database engine and Document capabilities with OrientDB Enterprise Edition, our Commercial software designed specifically for applications seeking a scalable, robust and secure NoSQL Multi-Model database. Its main goal is to save time and money on your OrientDB investment by reducing risk, cost, effort & time invested in a business critical application. It includes all Community features plus professional enterprise tools such as Non-Stop Incremental BackupsQuery Profiler, Distributed Clustering configuration, Auditing ToolsMetrics recordingLive Monitor with configurable Alerts and Teleporter to sync or migrate an RDBMS to OrientDB.


Get OrientDB Enterprise Edition if you require:

  • Everything in the Community version plus advanced Enterprise tools.
  • Enhanced Security and Relational DBMS Synchronization.
  • Incremental Non-Stop Backup
  • Support for Replication with Multiple Data Centers
  • 24/7 Support with SLA plus quick priority issue resolution.
  • A Direct Private Chat Channel to the OrientDB development team.
  • Commercial licenses for your Test and Production environments.


OrientDB Enterprise Features

Non-Stop Incremental Backup and Restorenewbackups

One of our most requested features is our Incremental backup functionality. With OrientDB v2.2.x Enterprise Edition, there’s no need to stop your database while performing backups! An incremental backup generates smaller backup files by storing only the delta between the two versions of the database. This is useful when you execute a backup on a regular basis and you want to avoid having to backup the entire database each time.


Metrics Recording

View server metrics to analyze your databases: view how they are used and discover how to improve performance. Our Chart Editor helps you to configure metrics of interest and fully customize charts to show them as widgets on your dashboard.

clusteringHigh Availability

Change your HA configuration with one click and without stopping the cluster of servers.

alertsConfigurable Alerts

Set up your alerts when a server becomes unreachable or a metric breaks a configured threshold. With Studio, you have the full control of your database infrastructure in a centralized control panel.


Importing a database from Oracle or any relational DBMS has never been this easy. Teleporter is now included in OrientDB and not only allows you to migrate your data in the Community Edition, in the Enterprise Edition it enables database syncing. For periodic syncing, purchase a commercial license included in our Subscription Packages.

Query Profiler

Query profiler panel shows the commands executed for a database on a particular server. It also shows the type of command, the minimum and the maximum number of times executed and the media. Simply, click “clear” to delete them.

managementAuditing Toolsnew

Studio 2.2 Enterprise Edition includes a functionality called Auditing. Starting from OrientDB 2.2, all auditing logs are now stored in the system database as documents, which can be queried. You may filter Auditing Log messages on a specific server without using SQL or modify the Auditing configuration of servers without having to manually modify JSON documents.

metricsLive Monitor

Monitor server operations with intuitive and customizable charts and view operations in real-time selecting pull intervals. OrientDB’s database management panel shows the list of databases for each server and the chart of crud operations for the selected database. Backup your data, view logs and configure server operations.

Feature Matrix



License Apache 2
Commercial license
Embedded, Remote and In-Memory Storage
Studio Visual Tool and Console Tool
High Availability Replication, Sharding and Fail-over
Standards: SQL, Blueprints, Gremlin, Pipes, SparQL
Teleporter – synchronization mode
Metric Analysis (Monitor and tune your servers), Query Profiler (Locate 80% of the bottlenecks in your application), Configurable Alerts (Email alerts or executing HTTP requests), Scheduler for Full and Incremental Non-Stop Backups, Auditing to track all the access to your data
10/5 & 24/7 Production Support Available
FREE for any use, even Commercial. No hidden restrictions.
Included with any Subscription package. 45-days Trial for Development only

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