We’re all still waiting for portal guns and for Scotty to beam us up, but with OrientDB’s Teleporter your data doesn’t have to!

OrientDB Teleporter

The rise in the NoSQL movement has given rise to innovative alternatives and graph DB’s are at the forefront. However, migrations from an old RDBMS to new graph databases are never an easy task to undertake.  They take considerable time, companies incur substantial cost in the process, and unwelcome surprises are all too common. It’s no wonder enterprises are reluctant to migrate old databases and adopt new technologies.

OrientDB Teleporter, a new tool to sync with other databases, simplifies migrations to OrientDB and ensures high versatility and scalability while keeping configuration to a minimum. We achieve this by first effectively and efficiently mapping your relational an graph model before importing them to OrientDB.

You can use Teleporter to:
– Import your existing RDBMS to OrientDB
– Keep your OrientDB database synchronized with changes from the RDBMS.

Teleporter is fully compatible with several RDBMS that has a JDBC driver: we successfully tested Teleporter with Oracle*, SQLServer*, MySQL*, PostgreSQL* and HyperSQL*. Teleporter manages all the necessary type conversions between the different DBMSs and imports all your data as Graph in OrientDB.

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