25 March 2014
25 March 2014,

Orient Technologies has just released the second and last Release Candidate for OrientDB v1.7.

To download OrientDB 1.7-rc2 goto:


So what’s new?

This release is more focused on bug fixing. We fixed a total of 62 bugs! Then we provided a brand new GUI in the Query panel of Studio by using a Timeline-like approach (taken by social networks) to manage the query history. I hope this will improve your productivity with queries.

Below the main enhancements:

    • Core:
      • supported retro-compatibility for databases created with OrientDB v1.5 or further (#1899)
      • improved performance on ORDER BY against indexes (#1843)
      • improved performance on RENAME CLASS (#1818)
    • Graph:
      • added support for vertex-centric traversal by using SQL (#2079)
    • SQL:
      • new UPSERT keyword to execute an INSERT or UPDATE based on a condition (#2032)
      • UPDATE now can ADD also to sub-document fields (#2031)
    • Indexes:
      • added support for external engines (#1774)
    • Studio:
      • new Query Timeline to the History, new Index Panel, Fixed many bugs


    Full list of closed issues.

    Enterprise Edition

    OrientDB Community Edition is FREE for any usage. If you wan additional features and Professional support, ask for a trial of Enterprise Edition: Enterprise Edition.

    Have fun with Graphs,

    Luca Garulli
    CEO at Orient Technologies
    the Company behind OrientDB



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