OrientDB v2.2 GA – Improved Security, Performance, Operations & APIs

Most of you have downloaded it, tested it and seen what it’s capable of. Now the wait is finally over!


After 11 months of development and QA testing, we’re thrilled to finally announce that the GA release of OrientDB 2.2 Community Edition is now available for download! We couldn’t be more excited to make this announcement as OrientDB 2.2 stands out as one of the most secure and reliable DBMS systems on the market to date. With the help of a dedicated and brilliant development community, we’ve created an open source powerhouse which proves that multi-model systems are not only here to stay, but that they’re quickly becoming the new NoSQL DBMS standard.

OrientDB 2.2 is packed full of new features (I’m sure you’ve all heard of Teleporter), though the main focus for this release was to strengthen security and improve stability & performance. We’ve optimized our core engine, worked hard on correcting bugs present in previous versions and made our system more user-friendly. With Teleporter, we’ve made it easy for you to say goodbye to your old relational database and OrientDB studio provides a powerful, yet straight-forward, web interface.  Whether you’re using OrientDB for commercial purposes or taking your first steps working with graphs, OrientDB v2.2 will not disappoint!

So take a look at some of the new features in OrientDB’s latest version and don’t forget to sign up for our webinar on June 1st (details below).

OrientDB v2.2


Your precious data is safe! Security for us is paramount as customers are storing their valuable, critical and confidential data in OrientDB. With improved auditing and authentication, password salt and data-at-rest encryption, Kerberos support and more, OrientDB is one of the most secure DBMS on the market.

Performance & Stability

OrientDB 2.2 is fast! We’ve done multiple optimizations to the core engine and, in many cases, performance increased tenfold! Our distributed capabilities are also constantly improving and we’ve introduced fast-resync of nodes. OrientDB supports the new configurable Graph Consistency to speed-up change operations against graphs.


Looking for Incremental Backups? We’ve got that covered. What’s more, with OrientDB’s latest 2.2 version, the new OrientDB Studio (a workbench replacement) adds a new peer-to-peer architecture and new modules. We’ve also officially released Teleporter: a new tool to sync with relational databases and simplify migrations to OrientDB.


“SQL is the English of databases” and we’re constantly improving our SQL access layer to simplify graph operations. New additions include Pattern Matching, Command Cache, Parallel Queries and Live Query graduating from experimental to stable. Also OrientJS, the official Node driver, now supports native unmarshalling.

Don’t Miss our Webinar!

Want to find out more about OrientDB 2.2 and all its new features? Sign up for our June 1st webinar where I will be talking about our latest release and answering your questions.  All of us here at OrientDB would love to hear your opinions and this is the perfect opportunity to engage with you directly. The webinar will take place at 5pm GMT+1 on June 1st so if you’d like to join us, go ahead and sign up here.

For those of you not willing to make the jump to OrientDB 2.2 just yet (though we strongly recommend you do!), not to worry, support for OrientDB 2.1 will go ahead as usual with regular updates being provided along with support. Though we are already working on our next release, there are no plans to phase out previous ones just yet.

Best Regards,

Luca Garulli
OrientDB Founder & CEO