13 June 2016

OrientDB 2.2.2 Enterprise Edition

13 June 2016,

OrientDB v2.2 Community Edition was released in May 2016. As most of you know, in this release OrientDB focused on security, performance, stability, APIs and […]

8 February 2016

OrientDB v2.2 exposes storage performance metrics through JMX – By Andrey Lomakin

8 February 2016,

February 8, 2016 By Andrey Lomakin, Lead Research & Development Engineer at OrientDB In OrientDB v2.2 we’ve added tools which enable storage performance metrics to be gathered […]

6 November 2015

OrientDB (more than) SQL

6 November 2015,

Author: Luigi Dell’Aquila  – @ldellaquila Do you know SQL? If you’re a software developer/DBA/DevOps, I’m pretty certain that I know your answer to that question. […]