The database designed for the modern world

First multi-model database. Fastest graph database. This is OrientDB.


OrientDB is the world’s fastest graph database. Period. An independent benchmark study by IBM and the Tokyo Institute of Technology showed that OrientDB is 10x faster than Neo4j on graph operations among all the workloads. Drive competitive advantage and accelerate innovation with new revenue streams.


Avoid the crashes and bottlenecks master-slave databases are known for and ensure a consistent end-user experience with a highly scalable open source database built to collect, process, and analyze ever-increasing amounts of data in real time.


Keep your enterprise’s intellectual property and other mission-critical data private with a fully encrypted database that’s protected by a secure proprietary algorithm.

Why a Multi-Model Database?

We invented multi-model to simplify the future. And we did it years ahead of our competition. Harness the power of data from multiple database types including relational, document, and graph. Store, index, and query data in one model with ease.


What is a Graph Database?

Today’s leading organizations are increasingly moving to NoSQL-based graph databases that store, query, and map data in a graph format, which makes it easier to understand the relationships between different sets of data—and in less time.


What Are NoSQL Databases?

NoSQL databases have emerged as a better alternative to the traditional relational databases that have powered enterprises for decades. These high-performance databases store data in a number of different formats, including graphs, documents, key/value, geospatial, and reactive models.


Why OrientDB?

The database designed for the modern world

OrientDB vs. MongoDB

  • Support Atomic Operations as well as ACID Transactions with a Transactional DBMS
  • Handle relationships faster with a native graph database
  • Work with a database built on SQL, not another proprietary language

OrientDB vs. Neo4j

  • Work 10x faster on graph operations among all the workloads
  • Go beyond graph with multi-model
  • Save time you’d spend learning yet another proprietary language


Store up to 120,000 records per second and process transactions 10x faster than competitors—regardless of how much data you have.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Get results immediately with a plug-and-play database solution that runs on any platform.

All-in-one platform

All-in-one platform

Manage data without having to hop from platform to platform.

Ease of implementation

Ease of implementation

Sync or migrate your relational database and get started with OrientDB right away.



Eliminate the need for multiple licenses and leverage priceless knowledge from the OrientDB community.

"Compared to the original use of Oracle & MySQL, our decision-making time decreases from the original 30 seconds to 1 second, 30 times performance increase, and improves fraud catch rate by 20%"

Gordon Xiao | Senior Technical Director | KuaiSheng Finance

Join our knowledgeable community of open source developers working to continuously improve OrientDB.
Migrate, Sync, & Analyze - Data Migration to a Multi-model Graph Database
E-Commerce Applications

Discover deeper relationships between disparate data sets to provide personalized recommendations for your online customers.

Banking and Financial Applications

Detect bank fraud and prevent identity theft by identifying patterns in real time.

Biologic Applications

Design innovative applications, study DNA sequencing, and develop new cures for diseases with graph databases.

Online Retail Applications

Provide exemplary user experiences to e-commerce shoppers with the fastest, most efficient way to process transactions.