There is an army of more than 100 Contributors behind the OrientDB open source project, directed by OrientDB LTD. The Leadership Team below is a dedicated group consisting of experienced executives and highly skilled engineers.

Luca Garulli

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Luca is the original author of the OrientDB product. He started working with storage algorithms in 1998 and created the first production-ready version of multi-model OrientDB in early 2010 after 17 years of experience creating DBMSs. Luca is a member of the Sun Microsystems JDO 1.0 and 2.0 Expert Groups that wrote the JDO standard

Andrey Lomakin

Lead Research & Development Engineer

OrientDB Contributor since 2011 and Committer since 2012, Andrey designed the new PLOCAL storage engine, SB-Tree and Hash-Tree indexes. He now leads Research & Development.

Emanuele Tagliaferri

Lead Protocol and Driver Engineer

Emanuele started to contribute to the OrientDB project in 2010 with the implementation of orientdb-c, the first C language driver. Now he manages the protocol and driver development team.

Luigi Dell'Aquila

Director of Consulting

10 years experience as an ICT consultant, passionate software developer and Open Source enthusiast. Luigi managed OrientDB Academy since 2013, and since 2014 he manages Orient Technologies consulting services. He is also one of the main OrientDB core committers, mainly focused on OrientSQL, query execution and optimization.

Enrico Risa

Lead Enterprise Engineer

OrientDB Contributor since 2013 and Committer since 2014, Enrico leads the development teams behind OrientDB Studio, OrientDB Enterprise Edition and the OrientDB-Lucene plugin.

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