OrientDB supports Functions


Since 1.2.0 OrientDB supports Functions. A Function is an executable unit of code that can takes parameters and returns a result. Using the Functions you can do Functional programming where logic and data are all together in a central place. Functions are similar to the Stored Procedures of RDBMS. These the features of OrientDB Functions: are persistent can be written in Javascript,… View Full Post

Released OrientDB v1.1.0: new distributed architecture, improved Object DB API, new MMAP for 64bit OS


Hi all, it’s all been done: release 1.1.0 is ready to be downloaded and used before you go on holidays! Thank you to the 3 committers and the always growing contributors for this fruit of the keyboard. Before to go in deep with this release an announcement: NuvolaBase, the company behind OrientDB, is working to the new “OrientDB… View Full Post

Released OrientDB 1.0.1 with the support of TinkerPop 2.0 technology stack


After the warn welcome to the release 1.0 of OrientDB with about 3,000 downloads in only one week, the NuvolaBase Ltd and the Open Source OrientDB community are proud to announce the release of the minor version 1.0.1. Since we started using the “Semantic Version” approach this number means that it’s 100% compatible with 1.0. We fixed 8… View Full Post

OrientDB release 1.0: the GraphDB market will never be the same


Yes we did it: the long waited release 1.0 of OrientDB is finally out! By looking back to the download history it was on May 2011, exactly 1 year ago, when we started to mark the releases with the “Release Candidate2 suffix (1.0rc1 was the first) because we thought the 1.0 was quite close. Well,… View Full Post

Working with persistent graphs using OrientDB


Luca Molino presented OrientDB at Fosdem 2012 event in Brussels, Belgium. The demo was running on NuvolaBase

NuvolaBase: the new NoSQL company behind OrientDB launches the first Graph Database in the Cloud


London, UK – NuvolaBase Ltd is a London-based startup that is about to revolutionize the database market.  Only two years ago this market was dominated by few big players such as Oracle, IBM and Microsoft.  Something, in the last 24 months, has changed thanks to the “NoSQL” movement which focused on alternative solutions to the… View Full Post

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