Why did you choose OrientDB? An Interview with Sysnet's CTO


This week we interviewed Odysseas Pentakalos.   Luca: “Hi Odysseas, Can you tell us a little about your company and your role?” Odysseas: “Hi Luca. I am the Chief Technology Officer at SYSNET International which is based in Northern Virginia in the United States and focuses primarily on offering consulting services relating to software architecture… View Full Post

New OrientDB-ETL component


London, July 4th 2014 Orient Technologies released the new OrientDB-ETL component in beta version to easily pump data into OrientDB database without writing a line of code. So far the available extractors are: CSV File JDBC, namely any RDBMS on the market   How to import from Relational DBMS?   (1) Get the right JDBC… View Full Post

Interview with Kashif Masood


This is the first of many interviews with users regarding their usage of OrientDB. We asked to Kashif Masood, Technical Executive at Awal Technologies (, how they used OrientDB. Read more about Testimonials and Active Customers.   Luca: “Hi Kashif, Can you tell us a little about your company and your role?” Kashif: “Thanks Luca, I am Technical Executive… View Full Post

Announcement: Updated Distributed Architecture and new Sharding feature


London, April 30th 2014 In “develop” branch (1.7-SNAPSHOT) it’s available the new Distributed Architecture with sharding features and simplified configuration. Look at the new default default-distributed-db-config.json: { “autoDeploy”: true, “hotAlignment”: false, “offlineMsgQueueSize” : 0, “readQuorum”: 1, “writeQuorum”: 2, “failureAvailableNodesLessQuorum”: false, “readYourWrites”: true, “clusters”: { “internal”: { }, “index”: { }, “*”: { “servers” : [… View Full Post

Transaction Locks


London, March 31st 2014   I’ve silently introduced a new feature in OrientDB (well, there was an issue, but I know somebody is not registered to GitHub notification). It’s about Transactions and Locking. Now every time you expressly lock records, all the locks are kept on the current transaction until the closing by commit() or… View Full Post

New SQL command batch

Hi all, OrientDB allowed to execute arbitrary script written in Javascript or any scripting language installed in the JVM. Well, starting from now we created a minimal SQL engine to allow batch of commands. Batch of commands are very useful when you have to execute multiple things at the server side avoiding the network roundtrip… View Full Post

Walk through the graph


The release of OrientDB 1.7-rc2 is very close. We’ve fixed many bugs, supported binary compatibility against older versions (up to v1.5) and we introduced a new interesting feature: walking into the graph. When you execute a query you get back a resultset: orientdb {GratefulDeadConcerts}> select from v where type = ‘artist’ ________________________________________________________________ #   |@RID  |in_written_by|in_sung_by|name                |type   ________________________________________________________________ 0   |#9:7  |[size=9]     |[size=7]  |Bo_Diddley          |artist 1   |#9:8  |[size=4]     |[size=146]|Garcia              |artist 2   |#9:9  |#9:2         |[size=2]  |Spencer_Davis       |artist 3   |#9:27 |#9:3         |null      |Hardin_Petty        |artist 4   |#9:50 |[size=4]     |[size=99] |Weir                |artist 5   |#9:93 |[size=96]    |[size=3]  |Hunter              |artist 6   |#9:131|[size=39]    |null      |Traditional         |artist 7   |#9:136|#9:135       |null      |West_Tilghman_Holly |artist 8   |#9:169|[size=2]     |null      |Jesse_Fuller        |artist… View Full Post

OrientDB 1.7rc1 sneak peek on benchmarks


London, February 6th 2014   We are glad to announce the new engine to manage relationships in graph database. According to data loading benchmark it can be up to 15 times faster than current implementation! The new architecture is based on new data structure SB-Tree and optimized for usage not only for embedded, but for remote… View Full Post

New OrientDB Graph Factory


TinkerPop Blueprints standard doesn’t define a proper “Factory” to get graph instances. For this reason OrientDB users that wanted to use a pool of instances had to mix 2 different API: Graph and Document one. Example:   ODatabaseDocumentPool pool = new ODatabaseDocumentPool(“plocal:/temp/mydb”); OrientGraph g = new OrientGraph(pool.acquire());   NOTE: You could also use a OGraphDatabase… View Full Post

New detach() and attach() methods on Graph API


When you work with Web Applications, it’s very common to query elements and render them to the user to let him to apply some changes. Once the user updates some fields and press the “save” button, what happens? Before now the developer had to track the changes in a separate structure, load the vertex/edge from… View Full Post

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