New survey, help us to improve OrientDB with your feedback!


London, November 27th 2013The OrientDB Open Source project has been built following the users’ needs. This survey will help OrientDB team to build a better product based on the received feedbacks. Thank you in advance for your time. GarulliCEO at Orient Technologiesthe Company behind OrientDB

Released OrientDB v 1.6.1: bugs fixed and some improvements in performance


Orient Technologies has released OrientDB v1.6.1. This is a hot-fix for v1.6 so this email will be shorter than usual. To download it goto What’s new Starting from 1.6.1 OrientDB is distributed in 2 ways: TAR.GZ for Linux, MacOSX and Unix in general ZIP for Windows users Studio plugin is bundled in server/plugins directory The build process now generates a… View Full Post

New online course: no more excuses to get skilled on OrientDB Graph Database!


After a lot of feedbacks, we’ve changed the online training program by providing it during 5 days (2 hours each day) instead of 2 days full immersion. This allows to the developers to: – take the course even if they’re working (no more days off or holidays) – do more exercises between the course days… View Full Post

Orient Technologies LTD is hiring: 5 open positions


London, November 18th 2013 Orient Technologies LTD is hiring! We’re looking at 2 kind of profiles: Technical Service Engineer, 1 Open position Sales Executives, 4 Open positions Look at the those open positions and apply it if you meet the requirements: Luca GarulliCEO at Orient Technologiesthe Company behind OrientDB

OrientDB becomes Distributed using Hazelcast, Leading Open Source In-Memory Data Grid


OrientDB becomes Distributed using Hazelcast, Leading Open Source In-Memory Data Grid Elastic Distributed scalability added to OrientDB, a Graph Database that support hybrid Document Database features London, UK – Orient Technologies ( and Hazelcast ( today announced that OrientDB has gained a multi-master replication feature powered by Hazelcast. Clustering multiple server nodes is the most significant feature of OrientDB 1.6…. View Full Post

Orient Technologies has a Halloween Treat for you: OrientDB v1.6!


Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat? Orient Technologies has just released OrientDB v1.6. What’s new? First of all we joined the Standard Edition and Graph Edition in just “Community Edition“. By default it contains all the components to use OrientDB as Graph Database. if you want to use it as embedded as pure Document Database… View Full Post

OrientDB is the first GraphDB in the Gartner Operational DBMS Magic Quadrant


London, October 22 2013 OrientDB is the first GraphDB in the Gartner Operational DBMS Magic Quadrant! This is the link to the report: (The report is available only for Gartner clients)

New OrientDB replication engine and plans for the releasing of v. 1.6.


Hi all, we’re glad to announce in the “develop” branch (1.6.0-SNAPSHOT) the new distirbuted configuration engine that doesn’t use Hazelcast’s Executor Service but rather Queues. This made the entire work easier (we dropped 50% of code of previous implementation) achieving better performances. This is the new configuration in orientdb-dserver-config.xml: As you can see we don’t use realignment tasks… View Full Post

Orient Technologies closes the NuvolaBase Division

London, September 21th 2013 NuvolaBase, the Orient Technologies division that offered OrientDB as “Database As A Service” (DaaS), announces to stop its activity. In this way Orient Technologies company will be more focused against OrientDB on development, support, consultancy and training. All the paying clients will be hold for FREE for +6 months after the expiration of their contracts… View Full Post

Optimistic vs Pessimistic concurrency: when locking is good

OrientDB has an optimistic concurrency control system, but on very high concurrent updates on the few records it could be more efficient locking records to avoid retries. You could synchronize the access by yourself or by using the storage API. Note that this works only with non-remote databases. ((OStorageEmbedded)db.getStorage()).acquireWriteLock(final ORID iRid)((OStorageEmbedded)db.getStorage()).acquireSharedLock(final ORID iRid)((OStorageEmbedded)db.getStorage()).releaseWriteLock(final ORID iRid)((OStorageEmbedded)db.getStorage()).releaseSharedLock(final… View Full Post

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