OrientDB: Using Schemas with Graphs, Part 1


OrientDB is a Graph Database “on steroids” because it supports concepts taken from both the Document Database and Object-Oriented worlds. Take a look at this use case:  Creating a graph to map the relationships between Person and Cars.  We’re going to use the just-released OrientDB version 1.5.   Let’s open a shell (or command prompt in Windows)… View Full Post

Version 1.5 of OrientDB Graph Database has just been released to the planet!


Hi everyone, only 2 months after the release of v.1.4 (and only 1 month after the v.1.4.1 release), version 1.5 is now available for download!   This release could actually be named 2.0 for all the various new features: New PLOCAL (Paginated Local) storage engine.  In comparison with LOCAL, it’s more durable (no usage of MMAP) and supports better… View Full Post

Welcome to Orient Technologies LTD company


It’s official: Orient Technologies LTD is the new company that will manage OrientDB software and services. NuvolaBase company has been incorporated as division to manage the DAAS (Database As A Service) on the Cloud.

Released OrientDB 1.4.1 with hot fixes


London, June 19th 2013 OrientDB 1.4.1 has been released. It contains fixes to 1.4 and it’s 100% binary compatible with 1.4, so NuvolaBase suggests you to replace 1.4 with this one. NuvolaBase Team

Released OrientDB v1.4: new TinkerPop Blueprints API and many other features


London, June, 7th 2013 NuvolaBase is glad to announce the new release 1.4 of OrientDB:! What’s new with 1.4? Graph: total rewrite of TinkerPop Blueprints API that now are the default Java interface, support for light-weight edges (no document), labeled relationships using separate classes and vertex fields Storage: new Paged-Local compressed “plocal” engine  (not yet transactional) SQL: INSERT and UPDATE supports JSON syntax,… View Full Post

XDGBench: 3rd party benchmark results against graph databases


London, April 30th 2013 Toyotaro Suzumura and Miyuru Dayarathna from the Department of Computer Science of the Tokyo Institute of Technology and IBM Research published an interesting research about a benchmark between Graph Databases in the Clouds called: “XGDBench: A Benchmarking Platform for Graph Stores in Exascale Clouds” This research conducts a performance evaluation of four famous graph… View Full Post

New "Orient Technologies" Division


London, April 29th 2013 NuvolaBase ltd moved all the activities related to OrientDB product to the new “Orient Technologies” division: In this way NuvolaBase company will be focused on the Cloud Database only (powered by OrientDB) while Orient Technologies will offer training, support, consulting and commercial products. Orient Technologies web site NuvolaBase Team

OrientDB: new GraphDB Engine in beta


London, April 4th 2013 After about one month spent on development and test the NuvolaBase team has released the new GraphDB Engine! The new Engine uses some novel techniques based on the idea of a dynamic Graph that change shape at run-time based on the settings and content. The new Engine is much faster than… View Full Post

NuvolaBase Cloud – Support platform


Today the NuvolaBase Team released the Issue Tracker to manage support requestes as issues, bugs and feedbacks. The tool is fully integrated with the dashboard and share the same login. To enter in the issue tracker click on the new “support” menu to create a new request or checking the status of your issues. Your opinion is… View Full Post

What's next in 2013?


London, January 2nd 2013. Together in 2012 we did great things like: 7 (seven!) official releases: 1.0rc8, 1.0rc9, 1.0, 1.0.1, 1.1, 1.2 and latest 1.3! so many bugs fixed a lot of new features the switch from Google Code -> GitHub received much more contributions than 2011 we’ve more contributors that help us So what’s next?… View Full Post

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