NuvolaBase Cloud – Support platform


Today the NuvolaBase Team released the Issue Tracker to manage support requestes as issues, bugs and feedbacks. The tool is fully integrated with the dashboard and share the same login. To enter in the issue tracker click on the new “support” menu to create a new request or checking the status of your issues. Your opinion is… View Full Post

What's next in 2013?


London, January 2nd 2013. Together in 2012 we did great things like: 7 (seven!) official releases: 1.0rc8, 1.0rc9, 1.0, 1.0.1, 1.1, 1.2 and latest 1.3! so many bugs fixed a lot of new features the switch from Google Code -> GitHub received much more contributions than 2011 we’ve more contributors that help us So what’s next?… View Full Post

NuvolaBase Dashboard – How to change DB password


NuvolaBase hosted OrientDB personal databases come with 3 default users called “admin”, “reader” and “writer”.The default password when you create a new database is “admin”.  With the new dashboard it’s now possible, and it’s recommended, to change your personal database account’s password.It’s very easy, let me see you how to do that. Once logged into… View Full Post

Released OrientDB 1.3 with new SQL functions and better performance

London, November, 21st 2012 NuvolaBase is glad to announce this new release 1.3 and the new Web Site of OrientDB:! Sorry for the delay about this official email, but we did extra work after the switch from Google Code to GitHub. Thank you to all the contributors helped us in this migration, specially Adrian Madrid for the adapted WiKi… View Full Post

NuvolaBase Dashboard Upgrade


Dear user, the NuvolaBase Dashboard rework has begun!! Many clouds are awaiting you on the horizon, in a good way.As you may know, here at NuvolaBase we are working in parallel on several projects regarding OrientDB technology, and the DashBoard is one of these. Please note that We are saying “begun” and not “finished”.The new… View Full Post

NuvolaBase in Oxford, not teaching English but the Graph Theory


On 23 November 2012 Luca Garulli flew to Oxford to teach “Graph Theory”. All the attendees are entitled to receive a virtual Diploma for attending this Crash Course (if you wish to collect the diploma copy and paste the slide 13 below). The hard part was to condense everything down to under 30 minutes +… View Full Post

Presented "OrientDB: A New, Collaborative Way to Develop Internet Applications Based on JavaScript and NoSQL" in paris

On Saturday, November 17th 2012 Luca Garulli presented “OrientDB: A New, Collaborative Way to Develop Internet Applications Based on JavaScript and NoSQL” in Paris at the JS Everywhere conference. This is a brand new presentation about using OrientDB Javascript capabilities to create fast and scalable Web Application in breeze using Javascript for the client and… View Full Post

Released OrientDB v 1.2: Server-Side functions, Record Level Security, new Query Profiler, 65 bugs fixed!


London, October 11th 2012 – NuvolaBase is glad to announce big news for this release 1.2! Two of the most long awaited features are finally part of OrientDB. I’m talking about Server Side Functions, Record Level Security and Partitioned Graphs. This software is always FREE for any usage and Open Sourced with Apache 2 license. If you need professional support contact the NuvolaBase professional support. If you are… View Full Post

OrientDB multitenancy with partitioned graphs


Introduction This tutorial explains step-by-step how to create partitioned graphs using the Record Level Security feature introduced in OrientDB 1.2.0. This feature is so powerful we can totally separate database’s records as sand-boxes where each “Restricted” records can’t be accessed by non authorized users. This tutorial demonstrates this sand-boxes works well also with the GraphDB API and… View Full Post

OrientDB supports the new "Record Level Security"


OrientDB continues to grow up adding amazing features you can’t find in other NoSQL products. This is the time of “Record Level Security”. Now creating multi-tenant apps is a breeze! Record level security This is also called “horizontal security” because doesn’t act to the schema (vertically) but per single record. To activate this kind of advanced… View Full Post

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