Community Edition

Feature Matrix



License Apache 2 license Commercial license
Embedded, Remote and In-Memory Storage
Studio Visual Tool and Console Tool
High Availability Replication, Sharding and Fail-over
Standards: SQL, Blueprints, Gremlin, Pipes, SparQL
Teleporter – synchronization mode
Metric Analysis (Monitor and tune your servers), Query Profiler (Locate 80% of the bottlenecks in your application), Configurable Alerts (Email alerts or executing HTTP requests), Scheduler for Full and Incremental Non-Stop Backups, Auditing to track all the access to your data
10/5 & 24/7 Production Support Available
FREE for any use, even Commercial. No hidden restrictions.
Included with any Subscription package. 45-days Trial for Development only


Unlock the full potential of your enterprise’s data