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Development of OrientDB Community Edition is led by its users.  By joining the OrientDB Community, you have first-access rights into the newest open source technologies, the latest documentation and guidelines, and be informed about opportunities to interact with fellow developers.

The OrientDB Community includes 100+ contributors and more than 3200 worldwide active users who you can turn to for help, exchange ideas or share your experiences. Check out these online communities now.

Code Contributor


Saeed Tabrizi

A special thank you to Saeed for his dedication to OrientDB. Among the numerous and valuable contributions, some noteworthy examples include Pull Requests on OrientJS repository in which, among several improvements, he implemented the IF NOT EXIST clause when creating classes and properties, and IF EXIST clause when dropping classes and properties.

Code Contributor


Michael Pollmeier

Michael is the original Author of the Apache TinkerPop 3 Graph Structure Implementation for OrientDB, which will be officially supported in upcoming major OrientDB releases!

Community Contributor


Scott Molinari

Not only has Scott provided detailed bug reports and documents, he’s helped countless community members by shedding light on new features and helped countless others experiencing issues.


Thank You for Your Contributions

Thank you to Saeed, Michael and Scott, who as a gesture of appreciation will be receiving a Raspberry Pi 3® Starter Kit along with some OrientDB merchandise (T-shirt, stickers and that kind of stuff)**.

If you have any question regarding OrientDB development, remember to check Stack Overflow before posting a new question in order to avoid duplicating threads (which will be subsequently closed). There are more than 1600 questions so there’s a good chance you might find an answer there.


If you’d like to get actively involved in the OrientDB Open Source Project instead, head over to Github where you’ll find all the available resources to join our contributor community. We welcome all new contributors and would be thrilled if you decided to join our rapidly growing community


OrientDB Community Group has more than 3,200 members and thousands of threads. After StackOverflow it’s the best resource to find answers. It’s hosted on Google Groups. Join the OrientDB Group right now.


If you’re a fan of the old school way to chat about OrientDB, jump to the #orientdb IRC channel on freenode.


Next time – Bloggers and Writers

We’d also like to send out a special thank you to all the community members writing about OrientDB in their blogs, articles & papers. Thats why next time around we’ll be sending out some more gadgets to our top community bloggers.

So if you’re currently writing about @OrientDB, remember to use the the #OrientDB and #Multimodel tags in your posts and head back to this page regularly. You might find your name on our Top Contributors list!