OrientDB Manual 1.7.8

Import from Neo4j

This guide explains how to export a graph from Neo4j* and import it into OrientDB in 3 easy steps. If you want to know more about the differences between OrientDB and Neo4j, take a look at OrientDB vs Neo4j.

1) Download Neo4j Shell Tools plugin

In order to export the database in GraphML format, you need the additional neo4j-shell-tools plugin:

2) Export the Neo4j database to a file

Now launch the Neo4j-Shell tool located in the bin directory and execute the following command:

export-graphml -o /tmp/out.graphml

Where /tmp/out.graphml is the location to save the file in GraphML format.


$ bin/neo4j-shell
Welcome to the Neo4j Shell! Enter 'help' for a list of commands
NOTE: Remote Neo4j graph database service 'shell' at port 1337

neo4j-sh (0)$ export-graphml -o /tmp/out.graphml
Wrote to GraphML-file /tmp/out.graphml 0. 100%: nodes = 302 rels = 834 properties = 4221 time 59 sec total 59 sec

3) Import the database into OrientDB

To import the GraphML file into OrientDB complete the following steps:

  • execute the Gremlin console located in $ORIENTDB_HOME/bin
  • create a new graph with the command g = new OrientGraph("plocal:/tmp/db/test"); specifying the path of your new OrientDB Graph Database, /tmp/db/test in this case
  • execute the command g.loadGraphML('/tmp/out.graphml'); where /tmp/out.graphml is the path of the exported file


$ ./gremlin.sh

         (o o)
gremlin> g = new OrientGraph("plocal:/tmp/db/test");
gremlin> g.loadGraphML('/tmp/out.graphml');
gremlin> quit

Congratulations! The database has been imported into OrientDB.

*Neo4j is a registered trademark of Neo Technology Inc.