OrientDB 2.2.27 GA Community Edition (September 14th, 2017)

Download the latest version for FREE. OrientDB Community Edition is licensed under Apache2 terms, which means that it’s FREE for any usage, including commercial. This is the recommended version to run in Production Environments. To see what’s changed from the previous releases, look at the Change Log. Download the Binary Distribution using the links below:

OrientDB 2.2.27 Community Edition for Windows OrientDB 2.2.27 Community Edition for Linux OrientDB 2.2.27 Community Edition Mac OSX OrientDB 2.2.27 Community Edition MultiOS
 Microsoft Windows Linux and any other *NIX system  Mac OSX ZIP file for any OS

OrientDB 3.0 Milestones is out. Be the first to test it!OrientDB Labs

OrientDB 3.0 Is finally here and it’s packed with new apis, official TinkerPop support, new features and enhancements. If you’d like to give it a try, head over to our OrientDB Labs page. You’ll find download packages, new feature details and supporting links. Remember, this is a milestones release and is not suitable for production environments.

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OrientDB Enterprise

OrientDB Enterprise Edition is specifically created for more demanding enterprise-level applications in need of greater customisation and enhanced security features. It has a Commercial license for production, but it’s FREE for development. Download your free 45 day trial.

Use Docker

If you have Docker installed on your computer, this is the easiest way to run OrientDB. From the command line type:

$ docker run -d --name orientdb -p 2424:2424 -p 2480:2480 -e ORIENTDB_ROOT_PASSWORD=root orientdb:latest


Running OrientDB the First Time

  1. First, download and extract OrientDB by selecting the appropriate package provided at the top of this page (click here for additional installation methods).
  2. Start the server by running the server.sh or server.bat scripts located in the bin folder.
  3. Once OrientDB is running, enter the following URL in a browser window: http://localhost:2480. This is Studio, the most advanced Web tool for Databases.

If you’re new to OrientDB, we recommend taking a look at the following links:

Use the Console

If you like more command line tools, the Console will be your best friend. Run it by executing bin/console.sh (or console.bat on Windows). To connect the console to the running server type:
connect remote:localhost/GratefulDeadConcerts admin admin
Congratulations, you’re connected! To learn more have a look at:


JDBC Drivers

Use the JDBC Driver if you want to access OrientDB from a Business Reporting tool (like Jasper) or a generic Database Tool (like DbVisualizer). The URL is jdbc:orient:<URL> (for example: jdbc:orient:remote:localhost/demo). For more information, take a look at: JDBC Driver Project page. NOTE: The JDBC driver is already provided in the distribution under the “lib” folder.

OrientDB JDBC Driver 2.2.27 ALL OrientDB JDBC Driver 2.2.27 only
JDBC+OrientDB libraries, one JAR containing all the dependencies (21MB) JDBC libraries, use this if you already have OrientDB in the classpath (47Kb)
Download JDBC All Download JDBC

Use Maven


Previous OrientDB versions

Get a Previous Version of OrientDB.

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