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In this panel you can configure some settings for the entire Workbench. There are three tabs:

  • Metrics Configuration

  • Mail Settings

  • Global Settings

Figure 1. Grid Configuration
Note remember to click on the Save button to make the changes permanent

Metrics Configuration

In metrics configuration you choose wich metrics the Workbench will save in datatabase; check it to

enable/disable a metric.

Figure 2. Metrics configuration

Mail Settings

In mail settings panel you can configure your server smtp that will be used in events task.

Figure 3. Mail Settings
Note for proxy settings see Global Settings.

Global Settings

In this panel you can:

  • free up disk space, a schedule will purge metrics and logs older than x hour;

  • purge all metric and notifications in Workbench database. Click on the button "purge all metrics now" and "purge all notifications now";

  • Set a proxy to permit http request in events panel.

  • Keep update about news of orientDB.

Figure 4. Global Setting