JDBC Drivers

OrientDB is an Enterprise class DBMS able to talk with almost any existent technology and is equipped with its own JDBC Drivers to allow any 3rd party tool to access to an OrientDB database.


Fully compatible with most RDBMS with a JDBC driver. It’s been successfully tested with Oracle®, SQLServer®, MySQL®, PostgreSQL® and HyperSQL®* and manages all the necessary type conversions between different DBMSs. Imports all your data as a Graph in OrientDB.

OrientDB ETL

Even if you can connect OrientDB to any ETL tool that supports OrientDB natively or via the JDBC Driver, OrientDB provides its own ETL tool. With OrientDB ETL all you need is a JSON configuration file to import data from an external database (through JDBC), a CSV or JSON file.

Spark Connector

One of the main Open Source frameworks, Spark has several advantages compared to other big data and MapReduce technologies such as Hadoop and Storm. Leverage Spark’s capabilities while using OrientDB as the datastore by using OrientDB’s Spark connector.

Neo4J Importer

If you’re coming from Neo4j and recently decided to make the switch to OrientDB, or if you would just like to try OrientDB with an existing Neo4j Database, our new Neo4j to OrientDB Importer makes it easy for you to import your nodes & relationships into OrientDB.

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