Interview with Kashif Masood

This is the first of many interviews with users regarding their usage of OrientDB. We asked to Kashif Masood, Technical Executive at Awal Technologies (, how they used OrientDB. Read more about Testimonials and Active Customers.


Luca: “Hi Kashif, Can you tell us a little about your company and your role?”

Kashif: “Thanks Luca, I am Technical Executive at Awal Technologies based in Islamabad, Pakistan. We provide businesses smart software solutions to businesses globally. We specialize in PHP (Drupal, WordPress, Yii), .Net and Java technologies and Mobile Apps development. We also have products named Awal ERP, Awal HRM, Awal E-Commerce Solution and Awal Educational Institute Mgmt. System. We use Agile methodologies, mostly SCRUM and our own developed Iterative Development Methodology for software development.”

Luca: “What’s your background with other databases?”

Kashif: “We regularly use MySQL for our client projects. We have used Cloudant (CouchDB), HyperTable, HBase, and OrientDB for specialized needs. We fully advocate NoSQL movement, and consider Document and Graph DBs as the most innovative solution invented in the history of data storage.”

Luca: “Why did you chose OrientDB?”

Kashif: “We chose OrientDB because of its Graph data model, its intuitive SQL like language, Apache License, if you don’t want graph then use Document model (schema less), no costly joins like in RDBMSes and future potential. The product which we had to develop required two key concepts: store individual information in the form of documents (which OrientDB provides in a very convenient manner) and relationships between these documents in the form of a graph structure, since we had some social networking type of features, and OrientDB provided the graph model representation and manipulation in a very powerful manner.

I am glad we didn’t have a learn some aliens language like Cypher to traverse and find patterns out of the relationships. It has a simple SQL like language to do the stuff we needed. This same was very difficult and painful to do using BigTable like DBMSs e.g. HyperTable and HBase. Obviously we are not talking about hundreds of petabytes of data here. While MongoDB was notorious about data lose, because of its late data flushing out to disk. So we tried CouchDB, but we very disappointed to see how we had to query data using its improperly implemented Map-Reduce querying feature. Neo4J is a good product to drain out your money and still keep you unsatisfied, due to its non-distributed nature. So we were left with OrientDB as the single and the best choice for our problems solution.”

Luca: “What API are you using with OrientDB?”

Kashif: “We mostly have used OrientDBs Graph APIs, but also document to store and retrieve individual documents.

Luca: “In your opinion, which are the best 3 OrientDB features?”

Kashif: “Naming 3 best features is a very difficult question to answer. Because for us it is difficult to ignore all the features which are best to name just 3 :). But in a sorted list of all its best features, the first 3 features will be:

  1. Graph-Document data models with schema-less nature
  2. SQL like query language
  3. Apache License”

Luca: “Thanks for the interview, Kashif!”


Read more about Testimonials and Active Customers.

Luca Garulli
CEO at Orient Technologies LTD
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