Interview with Waldeyr Silva about the 2Path Core Project (Terpenoid Metabolic Network)

London, October 2, 2017

Today Waldeyr Silva accepted to release a quick interview about his project and why he has chosen OrientDB.

Luca: Hi Waldeyr, could you tell us a little about your project?

Waldeyr: The 2path core is a terpenoid metabolic network modeled using a graph database (in this version: OrientDB). 2path also provides a Python program to reconstruct the terpenoid network of a plant organism of interest from genomic data. You can either use the database and explore the terpenoid metabolic network or reconstruct the terpenoid metabolic network of a target organism from protein or nucleotide sequences.

This is a screenshot about the generation of the model (built in python):


And after a while this is the generated database in OrientDB:


Luca: Did you evaluate other DBMS for this project?

Waldeyr: Yes, the first version of 2path was published using Neo4J. In all cases the performance and compatibility with the modeling of the graph we popped up were adequate. However, OrientDB has brought together two essential, mutually exclusive features in the other databases: favorable license and easy portability. The OrientDB license is fully compatible with the free distribution of knowledge. Also, the database can be distributed embedded in some application.

Luca: Why did you choose OrientDB?

Waldeyr: Primarily by license and portability, but also, it is very intuitive to implement the data model with object-oriented features as abstract classes.

Luca: What API are you using with OrientDB?

Waldeyr: The software for the reconstruction of metabolic networks was written in Python. And I used the pyorient library. The software is still under construction, with new features being released soon, but you can do the basics: rebuilding a metabolic network from cDNA or protein sequences.

Luca: In your opinion, which are the best 3 OrientDB features?

Waldeyr: Object-oriented features, License and Portability


Thanks Waldeyr to have shared your experience with the OrientDB Community. If you want to know more about 2Path look at If you’re reading this post and you also would like to share your experience with OrientDB, please drop an email to info -at-


Luca Garulli
VP OrientDB