First Exposure to OrientDB

London, October 2nd 2014

Today a new post about OrientDB has been published. Below some of the quotes:

“My problem with Neo4j is that out of the box (the free version), it doesn’t scale horizontally and none of the enterprise features are available. Worse, the enterprise version costs a lot of money… like Microsoft enterprise money…

I could use their web GUI that looks as crisp and easy to use as Neo4j’s web GUI to graphically click around creating vertices and edges but I decided to do it in SQL to see what it felt like…

Overall I’m impressed with OrientDB and its performance metrics look pretty amazing, either on par with or better than Neo4j. I am using the SQL syntax but I’ve only had a few hours of exposure so I’m betting the above query could be refactored into something more elegant by people who know more idiomatic ways of doing things.

I’m definitely going to continue looking into OrientDB as an alternative to Neo4j, especially given the control over schema enforcement, the object inheritance model that translates directly to binding to Java POJOs using the OrientDB API (OrientDB is written in Java), and obviously the price.”

Read the Full Article, by Kevin Hoffman