NuvolaBase: the new NoSQL company behind OrientDB launches the first Graph Database in the Cloud

London, UK – NuvolaBase Ltd is a London-based startup that is about to revolutionize the database market.  Only two years ago this market was dominated by few big players such as Oracle, IBM and Microsoft.  Something, in the last 24 months, has changed thanks to the “NoSQL” movement which focused on alternative solutions to the ordinary Relational DBMS’s due to the pressing and increasing demands for better performance and higher scalability.

Today the largest IT companies avail themselves of NoSQL solutions to manage Mission Critical projects. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Disney, MTV, Craiglist and FourSquare are amongst the most famous ones.

After just a year of testing, NuvolaBase comes out of Alpha version, offering a NoSQL database of high performance as a cloud-based service. This way the database is no longer a software component that needs installing, configuring and maintaining, but it becomes a distributed service that is always available on the internet.

NuvolaBase is based on the OrientDB technology (, a Graph-Document DBMS released with Open Source license (Apache 2). OrientDB has in the more interestign features of other NoSQL solutions: ACID transactions, SQL as query language, handles relationships like graph connections (Graph-DB), it’s schema-full, schema-less (Document-DB) or schema-hybrid. It talks the Internet language, namely HTTP RESt and JSON, but it has also a binary protocol for the maximum of performance.

In the NuvolaBase web site you can create a FREE account in few minutes. To use the online database start with the web Studio tool, through API (many the supported languages) or just via HTTP. Since February there will be available the new business plans with advanced features like SSL support, geolocalization of requests, automatic backups and private instances connected in VPN to company networks.

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