Orient Technologies has a Halloween Treat for you: OrientDB v1.6!

Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat?

Orient Technologies has just released OrientDB v1.6. 


What’s new? First of all we joined the Standard Edition and Graph Edition in just “Community Edition“. By default it contains all the components to use OrientDB as Graph Database. if you want to use it as embedded as pure Document Database just link the needed jars only.

Community Edition

Community Edition means the FREE version of OrientDB with all the features you already knows and something news:
  • SBTree: new index engine with the support for transactions and range queries
  • Distributed: new Architecture based on Hazelcast, new Distributed Transaction support across nodes, new Database Sharding feature
  • Studio: total rewriting in a new tool hosted on separate project
  • HTTP: execute commands in batch mode, partial document updates, JSON as return of create and update documents, management of multi databases in the same connection
  • Scripts: new “Orient” variable to get database instances, new switchUser() API to change current user
  • Plugins: new hot deployment plugin as folders, zip and jar files
  • SQL: new target “metadata” to retrieve schema and indexes
  • Console: new silent mode
  • Many features and performance improvements on plocal and hash indexes
  • Bug fixing
Full list of closed issueshttps://github.com/orientechnologies/orientdb/issues?milestone=8&state=closed

Enterprise Edition

This Edition is commercial licensed and it’s based on Community Edition with additional features like:
  • Workbench, as a centralized cockpit to manage multiple servers
  • SQL Profiler, to tune the database based on usage patterns
  • Metric Analyzer, to monitor and analyze metrics
  • Configurable Alerts, to get notified when a node is unreachable or when a metric breaks a configurable threshold
  • Production support available on demand (see below)
Enterprise Edition costs £ 1,000.00 per server/year or £ 500,00 for startups. For more information goto: Enterprise Edition.

Production Support

Starting form v1.6 Orient Technologies gives support only against Enterprise Editions that are tested on multiple platforms and certified. 

If you purchase the Production Support, the Enterprise Edition is FREE.


All the pending major/critical issues will be fixed in hot-fix releases (like 1.6.1, 1.6.2, etc.) planned about every week if needed.

Have fun tonight with ghosts and graphs!

Luca Garulli
CEO at Orient Technologies
the Company behind OrientDB