OrientDB 2.0 is now Production Ready!

London, January 20, 2015

After 6 months of Development and Testing, 400+ Issues resolved, 55 Pull Requests from the Community, 3 Milestones and 2 Release Candidates, Orient Technologies is thrilled to announced the final release of OrientDB 2.0!

Thank you to the Orient Technologies Team and our amazing user Community whose hard work, contributions, requests and diligent testing made this release possible.

[button title=”Download OrientDB v 2.0″ link=”http://www.orientechnologies.com/download”]

Can I use OrientDB v2.0 in production?

Yes. We recommend using this final 2.0 over previous versions. OrientDB 2.0 supports databases created with release 1.7. In order to use the new binary serialization, you are required to export and re-import the database. For more information, take a look at Migrate from 1.7.x. Since the APIs have been improved upon for this release, we always recommend testing your database(s) and application(s) in a test environment before upgrading your production environment.

What’s new?

OrientDB 2.0 is much faster than 1.7 (many users notice a 40% performance improvement) and performs much better when distributed on multiple servers. The new Binary Protocol compresses the database size resulting in less space used on the File System and higher I/O throughput. Furthermore, OrientDB 2.0 is less sensitive to index corruption between restarts.

Below is a detailed list of the enhancements since 1.7:





Graph API:





[button title=”Download OrientDB v 2.0″ link=”http://www.orientechnologies.com/download”]

Have fun with graphs and documents,

Luca Garulli
CEO of Orient Technologies
the Company behind OrientDB