OrientDB Enterprise Edition 3.0

A modern database engineered for greatness from the ground up.

It’s time to do something epic with your data. OrientDB Enterprise Edition 3.0 expands from an unparalleled legacy of powerful multi-model concepts to unify graph-document concepts, adding new APIs, and major OrientDB Studio enhancements.




New key features include:

Enterprise User Interface

Enterprise User Interface available now online at cloud.orientdb.com

Enterprise User Interface

New Multi-Model API to work with Graphs, Documents, KeyValue and much more from the same API

Enterprise User Interface

Storage improvements of 300% on write speed

Enterprise User Interface

The SQL Engine has been rewritten from scratch to be faster, lighter, smarter and with a better output for profiling purpose

Enterprise User Interface

Graph-document concepts unification in core API

Enterprise User Interface

Increased transaction isolation with remote connections

Enterprise User Interface

Support of TinkerPop 3.x as a plug-in, TinkerPop 2.6 API available for backward compatibility


The Dashboard contains the main information about an OrientDB Server Cluster with metrics like CPU, RAM and operations per second.

Server Info

Server Information

By selecting a single server, the server information is displayed in real time.

Scheduled non-stop backup

OrientDB Enterprise Edition allows to schedule full or incremental backups. To restore a copy of the database just click on the backup and select "Restore".

Server Info

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  • Improvements of 300% on write speed
  • Improved  storage caching for reduced latency
  • New mechanics of fuzzy checkpoints based on tracking of flushed LSN of dirty pages borrowed from classic ARIES publication was implemented.
  • New write cache based on copy-on-write during data flush was created.
  • Dynamic management of WAL size was implemented.


  • Graph-document concepts unification in core API: New interface called OElement (to replace ODocument class). As of OrientDB v3.0, any character is allowed as a valid character in property names
  • New database administration API
  • New database access and pooling API
  • The object API now is on a separate module


  • New execution plan based query engine
  • Increased Transaction isolation with remote connections: This solves the problem when by using a remote connection in the middle of a transaction, queries were executed outside the transaction scope. Now the changes are flushed to the server before to execute the server side query.
  • Support streaming of query result set: Queries are streamed to the client through the remote protocol. Much less RAM used and less latency because the result is sent immediately during the query execution.


  • TinkerPop 3.x: Finally the support for TinkerPop 3 has arrived and it’s released as a plugin. In this way, there is no conflict with the old TinkerPop 2.6 API.
  • TinkerPop 2.x: Backward compatibility is important for our users in production. We provide the TinkerPop 2.6 API through a plugin.


  • OrientDB v3.0 is 90% compatible with code running on OrientDB v2.2.x thanks to the support of the TinkerPop 2.6 API (now as a separate module). Main compatibility issues involve the new SQL engine, which is more strict than before, but also significantly smarter and faster.
  • For a complete list of features, enhancements and supporting documents, take a look at our Official OrientDB 3.0 documentation.*

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