OrientDB Momentum Accelerates as Multi-Model Databases Become Mainstream

Customers are choosing OrientDB as their next-generation Operational Database

London, UK (May 20, 2015) – Orient Technologies, the company behind OrientDB, the graph-document database that pioneered the multi-model concept, saw dramatic acceleration in momentum due to customers and developers replacing or complementing legacy databases.

Graph databases are the fastest growing category on db-engines.comdb-engines and will be adopted by 25% of enterprises for highly differentiated and critical use cases. OrientDB recently moved up to the #2 graph database position and climbed the overall database ranking by 14 positions in a year.

Strong growth is driven by product vision and quick development cycles. The company recently announced the latest release candidate of the 2.1 version, making it even more stable and performant while adding auditing and live querying functionalities.

OrientDB Udemy Training trained more than 4,000 students to learn the basics of the technology and grow their knowledge, therefore helping customers to find people with the right skills to address the heightened demand.

Recognizing how OrientDB benefited from the growing interest in multi-model databases, 451 Research recently released an impact report for their customers.

Accelerated momentum is also connected to the substantial growth in weekly inbound requests from Fortune 500 customers who are starting to build mission critical projects on OrientDB, thanks to the unparalleled vision and functionalities.

With downloads exceeding 50,000/month, more than 100 contributors and 1000’s of production users, OrientDB is emerging as the leading next generation multi-model enterprise database combining the connectedness of graphs, the agility of documents and the familiar SQL dialect. Fortune 500 companies, government entities and startups use the technology to build large-scale innovative applications. Some of their clients include Ericsson, United Nations, Pitney Bowes, Sky, CenturyLink and Sonatype.

Orient Technologies is the main sponsor and the commercial supporter of OrientDB,  offering subscriptions, support, training, and consulting for the database.



For more information, visit orientdb.com.