OrientDB new online course format

London, August 27, 2013 

Orient Technologies changed the online courses by providing a new format: 9 hours in 2 days, instead of 7 hours in only one day.  The cost of the course remains the same: £ 300.00 per attendee.

The 9 hours are split into 2 days of 4 hours each with an additional hour of off-line exercises after the first day. This change is the fruit of all the feedback received from past events where attendees reported to us that the covered topics were too many to be covered in only one day with 7 hours of non-stop learning.
We also removed the Document and Object database API portions in order to be more focused on the Blueprints API and the Graph Database concepts.

If you’re interested in taking a course, please go to: http://www.orientechnologies.com/training.htm.

Luca Garulli
CEO at Orient Technologies
the Company behind OrientDB

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