OrientDB officially supports TinkerPop 3

Today I’m glad to announce that the OrientDB Team has started supporting officially the TinkerPop 3 standard in the “develop” branch, namely OrientDB v3.0.

Michael Pollmeier (@mpollmeier), the author of the already excellent OrientDB-Gremlin driver, transferred it under the OrientDB umbrella:


Together with Michael, also Marvin Froeder (@velo) joined the team as committer of the project. They will work, together with the OrientDB team, to make this driver ready for OrientDB v3.0. From the OrientDB side, the owner of this project is Enrico Risa (@maggiolo00).

Guys, we’re looking for new contributors. The roadmap is still open. So far the most important things are:
– Better support for indexes
– Usage of the new GraphAPI in the OrientDB core 3.0
– Better coverage of TinkerPop 3 features

By transferring the original project the entire history and issues are preserved. if you are already using it, please reset the master source of the git repository to it.

Best Regards,

Luca Garulli
Founder & CEO
OrientDB LTD