OrientDB Referral Program

Refer a client to OrientDB and get a bonus!

Here at OrientDB we understand that our most valued clients usually come from referrals.  That’s why, starting from December 2016 OrientDB Ltd will begin their new Referral Program.  take a look at the details below and if you’d like to refer a potential client to us, simply fill out the form on the right.

How does a referral work? What do I need to do?

Simply fill out the form on the right and that’s it! We will do the demo, and help your client with the POC to help them get on board. If your referral signs up for an OrientDB Product or Support Subscription within 90 days from your submission you’ll be contacted by an OrientDB representative in order to process your bonus*.

How and when do I receive the 5% referral bonus?

When your referral signs up for an annual contract, we will contact you for payment instructions of your 5% referral bonus!

Can I receive more than one 5% referral bonus?

Yes! If you refer 3 or more customers in a year then you get 10% as referral bonus starting from the 3rd referral.

How do I know OrientDB will contact me if my referral signs a contract?

Though we’d like to simply say we will honor our word we know that you will want some assurance. All new clients are included in our websites client list so if you see your referred client on the list you will be contacted. If you are sure your referral signed a contract and you weren’t contacted, send us an email at info@orientdb.com and one of our sales representatives will respond promptly.

Do I have to be an OrientDB client to send a referral?

No, anyone can send a referral and is eligible for the referral bonus. You can even refer someone from your own organization!

Do I receive multiple referral bonuses if a referral signs up for multiple products?

You receive referral bonus of 5% on the entire transaction size.

What do you do with the information I provide? Do you share or sell it?

We do not share or sell any of the information provided. We’ll contact the referral regarding OrientDB products and services, but we’ll never sell or share your contact information or your referral contact information.

What is your policy against spam?

This program is intended to share with friends, family, and colleagues. If we discover you are sending unsolicited referrals to uninterested parties, you will no longer be eligible to take part of the referral program.

*Referred clients must sign a contract to become an OrientDB customer within 90 days in order for referral bonuses to be applicable. All referrals are to be verified by the sales team so that there is no existing relationship in play.

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