Released OrientDB 1.0.1 with the support of TinkerPop 2.0 technology stack

After the warn welcome to the release 1.0 of OrientDB with about 3,000 downloads in only one week, the NuvolaBase Ltd and the Open Source OrientDB community are proud to announce the release of the minor version 1.0.1. Since we started using the “Semantic Version” approach this number means that it’s 100% compatible with 1.0. We fixed 8 issues:

The most important news is the support for the upcoming TinkerPop 2.0 technology stack made possible thanks to the contribution of Marko Rodriguez.
Thanks so much to all the TinkerPop staff to improve the GraphDB technologies every month!
OrientDB 1.0.1:
OrientDB Graph Edition 1.0.1:
Enjoy this new free release.

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