Released OrientDB v 1.2: Server-Side functions, Record Level Security, new Query Profiler, 65 bugs fixed!

London, October 11th 2012 – NuvolaBase is glad to announce big news for this release 1.2! Two of the most long awaited features are finally part of OrientDB. I’m talking about Server Side FunctionsRecord Level Security and Partitioned Graphs. This software is always FREE for any usage and Open Sourced with Apache 2 license. If you need professional support contact the NuvolaBase professional support.

If you are interested on getting the OrientDB certification contact for more information.
Release 1.2
Download as usual: or click on the direct links:
What’s new?

  • Server Side Functions: these are like Stored Procedures for RDBMS but in Javascript
  • Record Level Security, just overriding the ORestricted abstract class. Partitioned Graphs is never been so easy!
  • Profiler: generation of snapshots
  • JMX now is a plugin (not more installed by default)
  • Automatic rebuild of schema index on restart after a crash/hard shutdown
  • SQL: new EXPLAIN command to profile any commands, new SQL LET keyword to set context variables, support for Sub-Queries in CREATE EDGE
  • Object Database JPA interface: support for configurable naming policy
  • Supported abstract classes (without record cluster)
  • Partial unmarshalling of fields to speed up queries
  • Automatic backup can start at concrete time
  • Console: prompt password if not provided
  • Renamed traverse’s WHERE in WHILE
  • 65 bugs fixed!
Full list:


To report an issue please follow the suggestions posted in the group, in particular attach the following information:
  • OrientDB version. Please don’t forget this! If it’s a SNAPSHOT please tell if it’s from SVN (revision number) or from MAVEN
  • Operative System
  • 32-bit or 64-bit
  • JVM version
  • RAM
  • Dump of configuration and profiler
To open a new issue:
Professional Services
All the professional services are provided by Ltd.
We built a new Partnership Agreement for companies interested to sell NuvolaBase or OrientDB services as “reseller” or “services partner”. Please contact to have more information about it.
The roadmap has been updated -> At high level our plans are to release a v1.3 in about one month as mainly bug fixing and the introduction of small improvements. The release 2.0, instead, will be a milestone in the OrientDB life because the focus on:
  • the new index engine (based on hashing)
  • new sharding in clustering
  • the availability of Enterprise Edition (released as commercial optional product)
  • the availability of the Business Intelligence suite
Don’t miss the next events: Next one is in Moscow on October 17th 2012!
Thanks to all the committers, the contributors and final users,
NuvolaBase Ltd
The OrientDB company

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