Released OrientDB v2.2.12

London – October 20, 2016

The OrientDB Team has just released OrientDB v2.2.12, resolving 18 issues from v2.2.11. If you are using 2.2.x series, please upgrade your production environments to v2.2.12. For more information, take a look at the Change Log.

Download OrientDB v2.2.12 now:

If you are currently using a previous version of OrientDB, we recommend you upgrade using the link above. However, if you would like to download previous versions of OrientDB Community Edition, you may do so here:

A big thank you goes out to the OrientDB team and all the contributors who worked hard on this release, providing pull requests, tests, issues and comments.

Best regards,

Luigi Dell’Aquila
Director of Consulting
OrientDB LTD