April Fools' 2015: Samsung Acquires Orient Technologies

Samsung responds to Apple’s FoundationDB acquisition by purchasing OrientDB

London, UK (April 1, 2015). Orient Technologies Ltd, the company behind OrientDB, the graph-document database, announced today that Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the global leader in technology, has acquired the company. The acquisition comes as a strong and direct response to Apple’s acquisition of FoundationDB, a competitor in the multi-model database space.

Samsung is opening new possibilities for people everywhere and charted a future where machine to machine and internet of things will be key to its strategy. OrientDB’s combined document and graph functionalities and multi-master architecture will serve as a foundational database (foundationalDB) for their cutting-edge technological innovations.

Product will continue to be developed, supported and made available in the Enterprise as well as Community version to customers. Furthermore, OrientDB will be embedded in every Samsung device allowing to manage relationships amongst them. A super cluster of OrientDB servers will also be used to store and analyze the entire dataset and uncover patterns hidden behind relationships and data.

“Imagine a world where you will never run out of eggs or milk again.” said Luca Garulli, CEO and Founder of Orient Technologies. “Your fridge will collect data and have a direct connection (link, relationship) to your neighbors’ cooler, with the local grocery store and ultimately with the cows and chickens who are producing the goods. Automatic orders will be sent when inventory is low.”

“This is an exciting time for OrientDB” said Luca Olivari, President of Orient Technologies. “I’ve always been an Apple fan, but I’m now looking forward to moving to a new platform. My iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air will go on-sale today on eBay.”

Thanks for reading thus far and hope you’ve enjoyed our April Fools’ day joke 😉

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