OrientDB Announces .NET Partnership with Innov8tive

London, June 27, 2016

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We are proud to announce that Innov8tive and OrientDB, have joined forces to develop the new .NET drivers for OrientDB.  This exciting venture means that OrientDB users will soon be provided with official .NET drivers and support, which was under active community development.

“Innov8tive is passionate about everything from mobile apps to data centers.  Furthermore, their strong focus on security makes them an ideal partner for OrientDB.”

– Luca Garulli, CEO, OrientDB

Innov8tive, experts in the field of high end software development and consulting services as well as certified Microsoft partners, have helped turn complex software ideas into reality and power IT departments with their experienced team of consultants.

“OrientDB has always been an integral part of our tool set. We are delighted to be able to deepen our partnership with OrientDB and enhance the capabilities of the .NET driver.”

– Gray Delacluyse, CPDO, Innov8tive

“Innov8tive is passionate about everything from mobile apps to data centers.  Furthermore, their strong focus on security makes them an ideal partner for OrientDB.” Says Luca Garulli, CEO for OrientDB.  “This is exactly the type of company OrientDB seeks for their ‘Think Globally, Act Locally’ Partnership program.”

Driver development is currently in progress and will be officially announced by OrientDB.  Users will soon be able to have improved cross-platform development, which will only enhance applications built using OrientDB.  This is especially true for OrientDB 2.2.x users who enjoy improved security features as well as an optimized core engine along with new configurable graph consistency.

If you’re interested in using OrientDB but haven’t downloaded it already, give it a try.  OrientDB community edition is Open Source and completely free.  Its Enterprise Edition may be used at no cost for development purposes and competitive support packages come with a commercial license for those hoping to use OrientDB Enterprise edition in production environments.

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logocircleOrientDB v2.2 Community Edition was released in May 2016. As most of you know, in this release OrientDB focused on security, performance, stability, APIs and operations. It was a major overhaul to our previous 2.1 release and was well received by the OrientDB community as a whole. Compared to v2.1, version v2.2 saw huge improvements on performance. With 2 nodes we measured 5 times better ,and with 3 nodes OrientDB v2.2 is 10 times faster than v2.1! Now, for those in need of enterprise level features, we’ve just released OrientDB v2.2.2 Enterprise Edition. For this release, we’ve bundled the features meant to be released in versions 2.2.0 & 2.2.1, skipped those releases and went straight to OrientDB v2.2.2 Enterprise Edition! OrientDB v2.1 EE users can now safely upgrade to our GA release of Enterprise v2.2.2 which includes the following features:

  • Metric Analysis
  • Query Profiler
  • Configurable Alerts
  • Scheduler for Full and Incremental Non-Stop Backups
  • Auditing to track all the access to your data

Our Enterprise edition is free for development only, and comes bundled in our OrientDB Bronze, Silver or Gold subscription packages along with a production license.

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 New Enterprise Only Features

Previous enterprise only features such as Auditing have now been made generally available and are included in OrientDB 2.2 Community Edition. Security is paramount and with the inclusion of new general features such as LDAP importing, password validation support, SALT encryption, System User and System Database, Auditing events were made widely available to all. OrientDB 2.2.2 Enterprise edition now includes new Enterprise only features such as:

effective and efficient mapping between two models



Importing a database from Oracle or any relational DBMS has never been this easy. Teleporter is now included in OrientDB enterprise and not only allows you to migrate your data, it enables database syncing as well. Though importing databases is available in our free Enterprise Edition, syncing your database requires a production license included in our Subscription Packages.




Non-Stop Incremental Backup and Restore

One of our most requested features is our Incremental backup function. With OrientDB v2.2.2 Enterprise Edition, there’s no need to stop your database while performing backups! An incremental backup generates smaller backup files by storing only the delta between two versions of the database. This is useful when you execute a backup on a regular basis and you want to avoid having to back up the entire database each time.


New Community & Enterprise Features


Pattern Matching

The new SQL MATCH expression enables optimization of pattern matching queries based on available indexes. With its simplified syntax, OrientDB’s pattern matching functions introduced in Version 2.2 makes finding connections, relations, patterns and data aggregation much easier, allowing you to unleash the full potential of your data to best fit your use case.



Spatial Index

OrientDB uses Lucene under the hood for Full-Text and Spatial indexes. For other indexes, OrientDB has its own compression algorithms. OrientDB kept the syntax from PostGIS, so if you’re already familiar with it, then using these functions with OrientDB should be very similar. To speed up spatial search and match condition, spatial operators and functions can use a spatial index if defined to avoid sequential full scan of every records. Geometry objects, supported as as embedded documents, include: Point (OPoint), Line (OLine), Polygon (OPolygon), MultiPoint (OMultiPoint), MultiLine (OMultiline), MultiPolygon (OMultiPlygon), Geometry Collections.

Upgrading From v2.1

It is recommended that all those using previous versions of OrientDB Enterprise Edition upgrade to version 2.2.2. If you’re worried about compatibility issues, databases created with release 2.1.x are compatible with 2.2.x, so there’s no need to export/import your database. To know more what’s changed between v2.1 and v2.2, look at What’s new with V2.2

Want to Learn More?

For those interested in learning more about the new features included in OrientDB v 2.2.2 Enterprise Edition, don’t forget to watch our recorded Webinar with OrientDB CEO, Luca Garulli. We’ve included the entire transcript from our Q&A section, along with references to our documentation section.

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