Version 1.5 of OrientDB Graph Database has just been released to the planet!

Hi everyone,
only 2 months after the release of v.1.4 (and only 1 month after the v.1.4.1 release), version 1.5 is now available for download!  

This release could actually be named 2.0 for all the various new features:

  • New PLOCAL (Paginated Local) storage engine.  In comparison with LOCAL, it’s more durable (no usage of MMAP) and supports better concurrency on parallel transactions.
  • New Hash Index type with better performance on lookups. It does not support ranges.
  • New “transactional” SQL command to execute commands inside a transaction. This is useful for the “create edge” SQL command, in order to avoid corruption of the graph
  • Import now migrates RIDs, allowing the ability to import database objects in a different one from the original 
  • Breadth first” strategy added on traversing (Java andSQL APIs)
  • Server can limit maximum live connections (to prevent DOS)
  • Fetch plan support in SQL statements and in binary protocol for synchronous commands too
  • Various bug fixes

For all the issues:

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Special thanks goes out to Artem Orobets, who just joined the Orient Technologies company, to Andrey Lomakin who has coordinated and co-developed the new PLOCAL, Hash Index and many other features on the engine part. Thanks to Luca Molino who is back on the Object Database interface. Thanks to all the contributors with their pull requests, test cases and issues who have contributed to improving OrientDB. Thanks also to the TinkerPop team for providing such cool technology to stack on top of OrientDB.

Luca Garulli
CEO at Orient Technologies
the Company behind OrientDB

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