Welcome to OrientJS, the new Node.JS driver

London, June 16th 2015

We know the Node.js community around OrientDB is big and is growing fast every day. Unfortunately the original author of “oriento” is not more active on that. All the most recent contributions have been done by external users and from Orient Technologies team.

For this reason we decided to adopt the Node.js driver under the Orient Technologies umbrella. It’s name is OrientJS:


This driver has been forked from Codemix’s “oriento” driver and already contains the recent contribution by OrientDB Team about Live Query and some fix.

Starting from July 1st, OrientJS driver will be supported also by Orient Technologies Support Services, so any issue on the driver will be covered by Orient Technologies team under SLAs.

What will change from Oriento driver?

The API is the same, just the main file is changed from “oriento” to “orientdb” and the main class from “Oriento” to “OrientDB”. This is the code with Oriento:

var Oriento = require('oriento');
var server = Oriento({
  host: 'localhost',
  port: 2424,
  username: 'root',
  password: 'yourpassword'

And this is now with OrientJS:

var OrientDB = require('orientjs');
var server = OrientDB({
  host: 'localhost',
  port: 2424,
  username: 'root',
  password: 'yourpassword'

The remaining API will be unchanged.

What the OrientDB Team will do in the next releases?

OrientDB Team will support this project (fix the issues, merge pull requests, etc) starting from today.

The first contribution will be on speeding up the marshalling and unmarshalling activities. By several tests, we found such big bottleneck on performance when Oriento unmarshalled the result from OrientDB server.

Execution of 100k queries on OrientDB took about 60 seconds, but only 18 seconds (30% of the time) was spent by OrientDB Server + TCP/IP transport. All the rest was taken by Oriento driver to unmarshall the query result, that is merely 70% of the total time.

In the next release the speed of this driver will be comparable to the native Java one.

Best Regards,
Luca Garulli
CEO at Orient Technologies LTD
the Company behind OrientDB


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