What's next in 2013?

London, January 2nd 2013.

Together in 2012 we did great things like:
  • 7 (seven!) official releases: 1.0rc8, 1.0rc9, 1.0, 1.0.1, 1.1, 1.2 and latest 1.3!
  • so many bugs fixed
  • a lot of new features
  • the switch from Google Code -> GitHub
  • received much more contributions than 2011
  • we’ve more contributors that help us
So what’s next?
OrientDB is an Open Source project licensed with Apache 2 license. This means that is FREE for any purpose. This is great for users, but less for who is working everyday to OrientDB. The project is much bigger than 3 years ago and the management of the community, the development of the product, test and release needs more resources than in the past.
Furthermore companies asking us a professional support for production system, courses, etc. Not all the companies can have OrientDB skilled people those can put the hands on the code, so for most of the cases the professional support is needed. We all believe in the Open Source model and we work to OrientDB for passion, but doesn’t matter how much a NoSQL product is good if there is no professional support.
This is the main reason why we created NuvolaBase company: to offer a professional support against OrientDB. If you’ve a company or you’re a consultant why don’t join us as certified OrientDB developer/DBA? Or why don’t join us as a Partner? This will help us to support better users and customers offering a wider range of countries where to find OrientDB experts.
Another thing companies asked us are Enterprise tools. When you’ve multiple OrientDB servers up and running it could be hard to manage them all together. So we designed OrientDB Enterprise Edition as a professional Open Source project. It’s based on OrientDB but will have Enterprise features like a visual web cockpit to monitor the OrientDB Servers, manage the cluster and collecting metrics to help users to tune OrientDB in simple way. This product will be released on February and it will have a price. Clients could access to the sources in a private repository (someone call this model as “Professional Open-Source”).
Since the release of the first OrientDB Enterprise Edition the Professional Support will be provided ONLY against official OrientDB Enterprise versions. If you subscribed a Support contract don’t worry: you will receive the OrientDB Enterprise for FREE.
Why offering support only against official OrientDB Enterprise Editions? Mainly because for us it’s easier to work against stable releases than helping users with snapshots or self-patched versions.
Are you worried about OrientDB will be a Commercial product?
Don’t worry, such commercial features are only for Companies that want such kind of features/services. The new “OrientDB Community” edition (the current one) will always be FREE licensed with Apache license.
The new year is begun and the OrientDB team is returning to work at 100% to the next v1.4 and v2.0 with your contribution.
Happy new year,
NuvolaBase staff