ZDNet Article on Multi-Model Databases Almost Hits Bullseye

OrientDB helps to usher in a new era

In case you missed it, I am very proud to announce a mention of OrientDB in the amazing and very widely read business technology news website, ZDNet, in an article titled, The new era of the Multi-Model Database.multi-model databases

I was super excited to see at the very top of this article, prominently displayed, an OrientDB diagram showing how our multi-model graph database integrates multiple data models into a single, scalable, high-performance operational database.

Where we came from

The article itself delves into a little bit of the history of databases, which started as simple data stores and then, in response to the increasing data volume and variety, evolved into easily scalable, multi-model NoSQL data management platforms that can satisfy a wide range of use cases without leaving your data in silos. It then discusses a few multi-model database vendors.

The articles does really well to elucidate the clear advantages of multi-model databases over traditional relational databases and non-multi-model NoSQL databases.

Where is part 2?

An ideal “part 2” of this article would also differentiate the offerings in the multi-model space, in which OrientDB provides some unique and clear benefits:

Clearly we have entered the age of the multi-model NoSQL database. From here, the power to perform flawlessly at scale and with enterprise-grade security is what is going to separate the leaders from the laggers. OrientDB is leading, and you can learn more here.

-Luca Garulli, Founder of OrientDB